Roadbook Holder Mk2 - Aurora Rally Equipment

The first roadbook holder in the world with removable cartridge!

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Unique characteristics include:

-Removable Interior
-Virtually indestructible shell
-Magnetic transmission guaranteed for life
-Transmission o-rings guaranteed for life
-FW and RW 50mm of A5 paper roll
-Removable paper shafts
-Dual led strips included (choice of Green, Amber or Blue)
-Completely waterproof design
-600hrs motor life
-Paper support to write notes on the cartridge
-Ceramic ball bearings
-Spare parts available


Aurora Roadbook holder needs a specific mounting bracket. Due to it's unique profile, it does not fit in F2R, MD or OEM KTM RFR roadbook holder supports.

650 (ex. VAT)

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