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The problem:
Plastic fuse boxes that can normally be found in the market, is the exposed terminals. Slowly, but surely, moisture either gets in the box, and corrodes the fuse terminals resulting in electrical problems that are tricky to be found and resolved. Actual

Our Solution:
The mini fuse box is fully watertight, and its construction is similar to that of the waterproof connectors. The cables that go into the fuse box are fully sealed, and so it the cover. The mini fuse box comes with a dedicated metallic bracket and the cap stays on the bike when you remove the fuse box, allowing you to change fuses much easier, as you can tuck it somewhere tight, then remove it, if the fuses are blown.
This fuse box will keep everything dry even if you drop the bike into a river, keeping everything nice and safe, minimizing the risk of electrical problems.
Further to that, this fuse box can be used with fully automatic blade fuses (available separately) that will open the circuit if there is a fault, and automatically close it when the fault is fixed. This will allow you to carry on, even if you don’t have any fuses with you, keeping you safe, making sure that you will arrive to your destination worry free!

What the kit includes:
Module with long cover (Note: This will only allow mini blade fuses, or mini LED blade fuses to be installed and / or automatic circuit breakers ).

8 terminals
8 cable seals
4 cavity plugs in case you don’t use all the available spaces
Secondary terminal lock so that you don’t pull out the cables accidentally

Dimensions in mm: 60 Wide x 35.7 Deep x 66.6 Tall

Notes: This fuse box is to be used with mini blade fuses and / or with circuit breakers or other automatic mini blade fuses.

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