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CAD designed, pre drilled, made from ABS thermoplastic polymer. These come as standard with the kit, painted in white colour.

hand crafted, made from glass fiber. The set comes painted in white colour.

navigation backplate *

this kit comes by default with a Dual GPS backplate that has two positions for AMPS devices, both clearly visible from the rider.
Roadbook backplate has one position for your roadbook holder and two positions for trip meters (RNS, ICO, Speedocap etc.)

roadbook *

please select your roadbook


Upgrade the highbeam from Hella LED to the blinding Baja Designs Squadron PRO. For off-road use only!

Using a Scotts steering damper? Then you need this to mount it.

default colour is white. Please write the colour/RAL of your choice in the Order Notes.

Αdd a new set in your order to restore the bike at its original form if needed to. ONLY applicable for MY(20-23)

add a sticker set by SKDA

select your design and scroll up to see the photo

this kit comes with white tower details as default *

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By consenting to the terms and conditions you hereby understand and accept that the items you are ordering are made to order products (MTO) or specific racing part numbers from KTM. These part numbers are either created in our warehouse specifically for your order or produced in limited intervals (OEM parts).

These products take time to be manufactured by both Aurora and KTM, and are typically completed between 6-8 weeks after your order is placed. The delivery of these products is subject to availability. While we try our best to keep these items in stock, they may be subject to delays that will be communicated between the customer and Aurora Rally Equipment. If you are unsure about the time frames, please do contact us before placing your order.
If a product or a part of it is not available at the time of the order, the Buyer will receive a notification of the expected delivery date and the order will be reserved by Aurora Rally Equipment.

Please do not order MTO products if you do not agree to these terms as the orders placed cannot be cancelled or refunded.

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What's included in the kit

What's included in the kit

Rear panels cutting template

click to download the cutting template for the rear plastics


Turn indicators in USA

Due to different regulations in the US, the OEM front turn indicators are bigger and will not fit in the available space on the tower. It is advisable to buy a smaller LED set.

Parts that need to be modified to the point beyond return

Rear panels have to be trimmed to match the tank profile. We provide you with a template to do it and it can be done in no time. To revert back to the OEM, the panels cost less than €100  both (P/N: 2700804100028 - no decals, & 2700804000028 - no decals).
You need to cut the rear part of the front mask of the bike to remove it if you don't want to detach the brake lines from the bike. The part cost is close to €30 (P/N 27008009000).
We recommend to trim the side frame covers. To revert back to the OEM, we can supply the covers when you order the kit.